Rediscover your self after motherhood

Rediscover Your Self After Motherhood

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Rediscover Yourself after Motherhood – What This 30 Day Challenge Includes

  • A blueprint to redesign your life the way you want & actionable steps that you will take for the next 30 days.
  • Self-discovery exercises to understand your dreams, passions & desires better.
  • Strategies to feel skilled and valued again (outside the home.)
  • Tips & techniques to be more present & happy with your children.
  • A small intimate group of moms who you will complete this challenge with.
  • An opportunity to make friends, talk to adults and most importantly have fun!

Rediscovering yourself after having kids can be a challenge. 

From the moment you give birth to your child your entire life changes. And in ways no one could prepare you for.

The first few months are probably the hardest, at least with your first child. But everyone tells you that it will get easier. And it does.

You gradually become more comfortable with motherhood. More confident of your abilities to take care of your child. And soon you are an expert.

But in the process of becoming an expert mom you start losing your identity until your life solely revolves around your kids.

Stay At Home Moms

Losing their identity is a frustration that stay at home moms (like me) often express the most vehemently. And that is because we end up giving up almost everything to take care of our children.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my son so much. He is my entire world. And just a smile or kiss from him melts my heart. I would chose him over having a social life, professional life, or just time for myself.

But here’s the thing. Why do we have to choose between having a life and having a baby? Yes having children changed us but it didn’t take away our desire to learn, to grow, to have a life, to be valued by society. And of course to have time for self care. 

Working Moms

Working moms get virtually no time for themselves. Work can be a break sometimes, but it doesn’t give you the time to just sit back and relax.

This 30 day challenge helps you identify what you really want out of life and help you craft strategies to achieve it. That includes making time for yourself.

Redesign Your Life

I’m not necessarily advocating the “you can have it all” lifestyle. I’m suggesting designing your life in such a way that makes you happy.

That you find something in your life for yourself other than your kids. Something that is just for you.

Moms often tell me that they’ve been moms for so long that they don’t know how to do that? They can’t or don’t want to go back to work full time. And they no longer know what their interests and hobbies really are.

This 30 day challenge provides a blueprint for moms to discover themselves again. To find out what makes them happy other than their family. And to start implementing it in their lives

My Experience

A few years ago my life was very different. I was a respected and valued member of the company I worked for. My days were spent guiding my team and implementing change management within the organization.

But after I had my child I had to choose between working and staying at home. So I made the decision to quit my job. And it’s a decision that I do not regret. At all.

I love spending time with my son. I love being able to teach him new things. To be there for all his firsts. To observe his childlike wonder. And to take part in it.

But as moms we have to take the time to fulfill our needs & desires as well. Our desires to have adult experiences and relationships. To use our strengths and skills outside the home. And to be valued for something other than being a mom.



I’ve been a stay at home mom for as long as I can remember. So I did not know how to even start creating my own life. This 30 day challenge has been invaluable in helping me figure out what I want from life.


I started my own business after completing this program. It gave me the confidence to go out and do my own thing. Starting my own business wasn’t about the money. It was about having something for myself. And so I still prioritize my children over work. I just don’t feel empty or bored anymore.


This challenge made me realize that by starting to plan my life today, I can slowly steer it in the direction I want to. And so 5-10 years from now when my kids are older I won’t have to recreate my life from scratch.

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