30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

During the 30 day Blog challenge you will create a beautifully designed website and start writing a successful blog using wordpress. Using the 5 step formula we will help you select a lucrative niche that you are passionate about.

You will receive exclusive tips about how to successfully market your website, gain a website following and begin earning money,

We will walk you through this entire process step by step and help you connect with other bloggers.

No programming is required.

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Time Commitment
30 mins – 2 hours (per day)
Create a beautifully designed website and start writing a successful blog

– Customize & design a stunning website
– Select a niche & blogging strategy for your blog
– Start writing catchy blog posts that will convert
– Learn how to successfully create a website following
– Begin monetizing your website
– Start marketing your blog on Pinterest
– Tips on how to rank on google
Experience Level
Beginner (Basic Computer Skills required)

What the 30 Day Blog Challenge Looks like

Week 1

  • Sign up for hosting services for your website
  • Create your wordpress website & secure it
  • Download plugins to customize your website
  • Create & design your first blog post

Week 2

  • Strategically select your market niche
  • Plan your blogging strategy & article structure to attract viewers
  • Learn how to write catchy headlines that will attract viewers
  • Begin writing blog posts

Week 3

  • Design your homepage customize the look of your website
  • Start marketing your blog using social media (Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram
  • Creating website pages

Week 4

  • Begin monetizing your website & start earning money
  • Setup google ads & learn how to maximize advertising revenue.
  • Learn how to earn affiliate income on your website
  • Learn how to rank on google & gain more website authority

Associated Costs

To start a blog/website you will require a domain name and hosting site. While It is possible to get a blog and domain for free, you will not be able to monetize your website .

If you do decide to purchase hosting the cost will vary between $20 – $100 per year depending on the option you choose. Most hosting websites have a 30 day return policy in case you decide blogging is not for you.

Skills Required

To complete the 30 day blog challenge you will need to know basic computer skills and be comfortable writing blog articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make money from my website/blog?

The most common techniques of monetizing a website are through Google adsense, affiliate income, sponsorship & course sales. We will help you begin monetizing your website using some of these methods during the 30 day blog challenge.

Google Adsense

This is the most commonly used technique of earning money from a website. During the 30 day challenge we will teach you how to set up ads on your website, and tips on maximizing your income through advertising. The amount you can earn through google adsense varies depending on your niche, and the quality of your content. You can use the Google AdSense Calculator to estimate how much you can make through google adsense

Affiliate Income

When you recommend a product or service to your viewers you can earn a commission if they purchase it. The most popular affiliate program is Amazon. If a viewer makes a purchase from amazon using the link you provide them you will earn commission on their entire order. And this is regardless of whether they actually purchased the product you recommended. Depending on the company, you can make anywhere from 5% to 35% commission. As part of this challenge we will show you how to sign up for and set up affiliate links.


This is the most efficient way of monetizing your website and can be used once your website is more established. And while we will provide a brief overview of how to get a sponsorship we will not go into it in a lot of detail.

Course Sales

Online classes have skyrocketed in the last couple of years, and are expected to become even more popular in the wake of Covid-19. After establishing your website and creating a following you can earn money by selling them online classes.


More and more websites are beginning to offer their viewers services at a monthly charge. The most popular service includes the option for member to showcase/advertise their products. This is similar to a sponsorship, but is catered towards smaller businesses and combined with other offers exclusive to members.

How difficult is it to create a website & blog?

Using pre-built themes & templates creating a website is much easier then you’d imagine. We take you through the process step by step making it very simple for you to do.

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