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How to connect with the universe and energy

If you want to learn about how to connect with the universe to manifest your dreams you have come to the right place!

This article will focus on the following:

  1. What the difference between the universe and quantum universe is
  2. Why our subconscious is already connected to the universe
  3. What it means to consciously connect to the universe
  4. Step by step instructions on how to consciously connect to the universe to manifest what we want

Difference between the universe and the quantum universe

Understanding what the universe is

The universe is made up of galaxies, stars, planets, and everything in between. It is an infinite and majestic space that we are all a part of. It is essentially everything that we see around us.

Everything in this universe is made up of energy – including us. This is why the basic building block of the universe is energy.

What the quantum universe is

The quantum universe comprises the most basic and fundamental building blocks of the entire universe. It comprises the smallest atoms which connect together to create the universe that we see.

Or another way of looking at it is that it comprises of the basic ingredients which are used to create the universe. In the quantum universe, nothing exists as of yet and anything is possible. The quantum universe therefore simply consists of energy, which will eventually be used to create the world that we see.

How the quantum universe creates the universe

Quantum science has found that atoms are simply floating around in the quantum world until we interact with the atoms. As soon as we observe the atoms, they begin to behave in the way that we expect them to.

This means that without realizing it, we humans are creating the world around us. We are creating our own experiences, each time we interact with the quantum universe.

Understanding quantum mechanics and how our expectations create our reality


Our subconscious is already connected to the quantum universe

Since humans are also made up of energy, at our most basic we are part of the quantum universe.

When we were born society taught us to be separate from one another and to individuate from everything around us. This led to us forgetting that we are connected to the universe. And it is why only our subconscious is what is connected to the universe.

Our subconscious regularly connects with the quantum world without us realizing it. And therefore it is our subconscious that creates the world around us. So every time you internalize a thought or emotion, it becomes part of your subconscious. Now each time your subconscious connects with the quantum universe, it projects that thought, which then becomes reality.

Have you ever wondered why some people experience the same situations and experiences again and again? It’s because their thoughts and beliefs about how the world operates, have become their reality.

In order to manifest the reality that we want, we first need to consciously connect with the universe, so that we can project the thoughts and reality that we want.

What it means to consciously connect with the universe

When you connect with the universe, you first need to become the state of pure consciousness that you were born with.

In order to connect to this part of ourselves, we need to first completely quiet our minds and clear them of all the thoughts and emotions we experience on a daily basis.

This is our inner self, which like the quantum universe has no judgments, no expectations, and is made of just pure energy.

The most effective way to access this part of ourselves is to complete a manifestation meditation. The manifestation meditation includes a step that is unique from most other meditations – it helps you to connect your heart with the vastness of the universe.

Steps to complete a manifestation meditation to connect with the universe


Step 1: Sit down in a quiet place

The first step is to find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for a while. Make sure there are no distractions such as phones, television, or people talking nearby. This should be a place where you can focus on your thoughts and connect with the universe.

Ideally, pick an open place. If you complete this activity indoors, then try and do it next to an open window. If you can, do the activity outside where you will find it easier to connect w

Try and pick a time when you can spend 15 uninterrupted minutes doing this activity.

Step 2: Focus on your breath

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Then, focus on your breathing and clear your mind of all thoughts. You should be breathing deeply from the abdomen. When you have taken a couple of deep breaths, breathe out slowly. As you do so let all the tension in your body leave with that breath.

Watch yourself breath in and out. Feel your chest and stomach expanding and contracting.

Practice this step right now: take a slow deep breath in and focus your attention on the breath going into your nose, down your throat, and into your lungs. Pause for a moment as the breath fills you up, then breathe out slowly. As you do so, imagine all of your worries and every thought leaving with every exhalation.

Step 3: Place your hand on your heart, and imagine being one with the universe

In the quantum universe, your heart is a manifestation of energy and matter like any other part of your body. The energy in our hearts is dense enough to stop us from thinking about anything else but love. It holds all information relating to love; it contains every feeling we’ve ever felt which was inspired by love and it also has the power to restore us to a state of love.

By placing your hand on your heart in meditation, you can connect with the quantum universe and access information about the world around you which is beyond your normal awareness.

When you place your hand on your heart, think about the vastness of the universe. Think about how the universe has infinite power and has created galaxies, oceans, and mountains. try and feel a sense of awe, as you think about how powerful and amazing it is.

Now think about being one with everything around you—the sun, the stars, the moon, and the entire universe. Focus on your heart center and feel yourself being aligned to everything that

Step 4: Focus on the present moment, not past or future events

Once you have allowed yourself to connect with the power of the universe in the previous step, the next step is to clear your mind of all thoughts and focus on only the present moment.

In this step, try to focus on the now instead of thinking about recent or future events. Don’t worry about a job interview that’s coming up next week or what you need to buy for dinner later today. Just focus on what you need to do right now—breathe. If thoughts come into your mind, just let them pass by without giving them a second thought. Let all thoughts go out of your mind as you focus on deep breathing.

Step 5: What to do if your mind wanders.

When you feel yourself getting distracted, bring yourself back to the present moment by focusing on an object in front of you (a flower, tree, etc.)

When your mind starts to wander or you start thinking about what you need to do next week at work, bring yourself back to the present moment by focusing on an object in front of you. This can be anything: a flower, a tree, etc. just as long as it is relatively small and close by.

Every time you become distracted by your thoughts, imagine them as clouds passing in front of the moon or sun. If you need help to stop thinking about something, in particular, try imagining a stop sign or red light.

Try this now: take a minute to focus on your breathing and clear your mind of all thoughts except the image of the object/flower you’ve chosen.

Step 6: Manifest your dreams

Once you have connected to the universe and focused solely on the present moment, you can start manifesting your dreams by simply imagining them coming true.

Start by thinking about a wish or dream you have, and visualize yourself achieving it. Envision what it will be like to stand there and realize that your dream has come true. See how happy it makes you feel, and enjoy that feeling.

How long will it take to connect with the universe

Chances are you will find yourself connecting to the universe for seconds the first few times you complete the above exercise. But the more often you complete it, you will connect to the universe for longer periods of time.

While it is possible to manifest your dreams even if you connect to the universe for a short period of time, your manifestations will become more successful the longer you connect to the universe.

Some people are able to connect with the universe to manifest their dreams in as little as a week, while others take a full year.

If you aren’t successful immediately don’t give up. Connecting with the universe will change your life, even if it takes a full year to do.

How long should I complete the above exercise for

Try this exercise for 15-30 minutes per day until it becomes easier to stay focused on the present moment without being distracted by other thoughts or worries.

Once you have successfully completed this exercise for a few days, try to increase the length of time you spend doing it. You can do this exercise as long as you need to in order to help yourself focus on the present moment and clear your mind of stray thoughts.

Complete the meditation for at least 1 month, before you expect to see any real impact in your life.

How to make connecting to the universe into a habit.

How to connect with universe and energy

Approximately 95% of our behaviors occur subconsciously and automatically.

Meditating pulls you out of your subconscious behavior, by allowing your brain to be in the present. This is why meditating can be so difficult. Because you are going against what your brain is used to.

By making this exercise into a habit, you make it much easier for you to connect with the universe on a daily basis.

A great way to turn any behavior into a habit is by stacking it onto a habit we already have, repeating it for at least 21 days, and rewarding ourselves each time we complete it.

Therefore to turn this behavior into a habit do the following

  1. Choose a specific time to complete your manifestation mediation, and do it right after a habit you already have. (eg. right after you eat breakfast, or right after you brush your teeth at bedtime.)
  2. Reward yourself each time you complete a manifestation meditation
  3. Complete this manifestation mediation for a minimum of 30 days.
  4. If you do miss 1 day, don’t shame yourself for it. But don’t allow yourself to miss more then 1 day at a time.


Consciously connecting with the universe to manifest your goals doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a consistent meditation practice, where you clear your thoughts and go deep inside your mind. Most successful people talk about how meditation has changed their lives. The reason for it is that meditation allows you to connect with the universe and is the basis of manifesting the life that you want.

So what are you waiting for? Start manifesting today!

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