11 things to do when you are feeling low

We’ve all been there. Feeling down, sad, and uncertain of the future. It’s tough to get through these moments on our own, but luckily there are things we can do to make the process a little bit easier. Here are 10 things to do when feeling low that can help you feel better.

Be kind to yourself

This is the key to improving your mood. Be kind to yourself and remind yourself that it is okay to feel low. It’s natural to have these feelings every once in a while and you are not alone.

If you criticize yourself for feeling this way, it will only ruin your mood further.

Remind yourself that it is okay, and you are doing the best you can at the very moment.


Journaling when you are feeling low

Sometimes, we don’t want to talk to others about how we are feeling, because we are afraid of their judgment. One of the best things you can do in this case is to write your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling is a great way to express yourself as it allows you to be free of other people’s judgments. You can pen down your emotions on a piece of paper and it will help release the negativity. Journaling is also said to be a great coping tool when you feel anxious.


Exercise - 11 things to do when you are feeling low

When you’re feeling down, exercise can be a great way to lift your mood. It releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that make you feel good.

Sometimes we get frustrated and have a lot of energy in our body which needs to be released. I find running around the house extremely helpful. However, something simple as walking will work as well. Do something which suits you and makes you happy. Here are some fitness tips you can follow.

Go outside and get fresh air

11 things to do when you are feeling low - Get fresh air

When you’re feeling down, it can be helpful to get outside and take a walk. Fresh air can do wonders for your mood, and getting moving can help you work off some of that energy.

If you don’t feel like going for a walk, consider just stepping out for 5 minutes to get fresh air. This will really refresh your body and mind.

Talk to Someone

It can be really helpful to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Talking to a friend, family member, or therapist can help you process your emotions and get some helpful advice.

Talking to someone can also make you feel heard and understood, which is really important. It can be really helpful to have someone to vent to.

Practice some form of self care

Tea for Self Care

Self-care is so important, and it’s something that we often neglect when we’re feeling down. Taking some time for yourself can help you recharge and feel better.

Some ideas for self-care include: taking a bath, reading, painting, writing, listening to music, or baking.

Do something you enjoy.

When we’re feeling down, it’s often difficult to muster up the energy to do anything. But if you can find something that you enjoy, it will be a lot easier.

Practice Gratitude

It is normal to only focus on the negative aspects of life when you are feeling down. But it’s important to remember that there are also good things happening. You should recall that they are many things in life you should be grateful for.

Take a few minutes to think about the 5 best things that have happened in your life recently and you are grateful for. This can help put things into perspective and give you a little bit of hope.


Sometimes we feel so demotivated that our minds are a complete mess. It is important to take some time to meditate and clear our minds.

There are many different ways to meditate, so find one that works for you. A number of us are not used to meditating on a daily basis, so 5 minutes works well as well.

You can try out different techniques until you find one that helps you feel better.

Recall your strenghts

When we are feeling down, it’s often difficult to see the good in ourselves. We tend to only focus on our weaknesses.

It can be helpful to recall your strengths. What are some things that you are good at? What do people tell you that you’re good at? Write these down and refer back to them when you’re feeling down. This can remind you of your worth and help boost your mood.

Eat comfort food

ice cream with cereals on black ceramic bowl

It’s no secret that comfort food can make us feel better. When we’re feeling down, it can be really helpful to eat some comforting foods.

There’s no need to deprive yourself when you’re feeling low – go ahead and indulge in your favorite comfort foods. Just make sure to do so in moderation.

Read motivational quotes or watch motivational videos

When we’re feeling down, it can be helpful to read motivational quotes or watch motivational videos. These can help inspire us and give us some hope.

There are many different motivational quotes and videos out there, so find ones that speak to you. Watching or reading these can help shift your mindset and make you feel better.

Remember: It is okay to feel the way you are feeling

It is normal to experience these emotions and you are not alone. Don’t beat yourself for having a bad day. There are many people who feel the same way as you do. You will get through this.

These are just some of the things that you can do when you’re feeling down.

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