Embracing an abundance mindset

What is Abundance

Abundance can be defined as extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply.

When we think of abundance, the first thing that comes to mind is usually money. However, there are many other things that can be considered as abundances in our lives, such as love, relationships, health, and happiness. It’s important to focus on creating an abundant life in all areas, not just one.

Proof of abundance in the universe

abundance in Galaxy

We see abundance all around us when we look. Look up in the sky and we see the sun supplying light to the entire world.

Also in the sky, we see billions of stars and planets and galaxies and many more which we have not discovered as it is an ever-expanding universe.

Go to the ocean and rivers and see the vast never-ending body of water and the waves which are flowing continuously, It is an amazing sight.

Now go under the sea and here you see the treasures under the sea fishes and variety of sea animals and coral reefs are there.

Abundance in humanity

baby yawning

We see abundance everywhere. Including the miraculous way we are born

We start as a mere seed in our mothers’ womb which then grows into a full adult.

Think about how much abundance there is in this process.

From nothing a baby’s toes, fingernails, genitals, ears, eyes, nose, and mouth are all formed.

Soon a sperm becomes a beautiful baby which the womb keeps nourished in a perfect environment.

It is a miracle. And all of it happens by itself, because of how much abundance there is in this world.

This process continues as we come to the world, and we grow in a different way. The baby starts walking, talking, expressing themselves, and communicating. Growth is always taking place.

One baby learning to walk doesn’t prevent another one from learning as well. Everyone has the opportunity to grow.

How to tap into this abundance

We are all born with an abundance mindset. This is the idea that there’s more than enough of everything to go around. We don’t have to fight for anything, because there’s plenty to go around.

The problem is that as we grow up, our society teaches us not only that this mindset is wrong, but also how dangerous it can be if you hold on too tightly to it!

But what if you were taught differently? What would happen if your parents encouraged you and helped cultivate this sense of abundance in your life? I’ll tell you: You’d experience more joy and fulfillment in your life because you would never feel.

Here is how you can tap into an unlimited abundance mindset.

1. By doing what you love doing

Person doing what they love doing - Embracing Abundance Mindser

 When you enjoy and love what you doing you get into the flow state. In this state, you start doing things with ease having the least resistance.

Because you are doing what you love, you become relaxed about your work and are now willing to dive into it. The feeling of bliss and joy is starting to surround you. You don’t know where the time goes.

This relaxed state helps us to connect to our higher self, soul, spirit which is where all blessings and goodness are.

You are in harmony now with what you want, and divine blessing and help starts coming You are satisfied and excited and are having fun and you want more of it and you are loving it

 2. By being grateful

Gratitude for Embracing Abundance mindset

 BE GRATEFUL —–You hear this everywhere. Why is it so important to be grateful? When you feel grateful and thankful with your heart you are sending a message you are happy at receiving.

And this is when you start receiving more and more blessings you can be thankful for. Gratefulness expands your heart makes it spacious and you are now at the receiving end.

Ideally, you should cultivate a daily practice of gratitude. Find some time to meditate, become quiet, and feel grateful.

Remember a simple and automatic act of breathing is important in keeping us alive and healthy. We know in covid how people felt when they could not breathe and were put on oxygen.

We can feel grateful when are breathing in and out during our quiet time thanking God for our basic little needs which keep us alive, healthy, and going.

Gratitude for little basic needs keeps us in a positive state of mind. We are now looking at what we have rather than what we don’t have.

 3. Don’t stop the flow

 We must give and receive and keep the flow going. We usually are not happy to part with things we have. The habit of hoarding and not parting makes us collect things.

We say to ourselves we will use it one day and put it away and forget about it. When we even need it after a long time we don’t even remember where we kept it.

We are blocking the flow by unnecessary clutter. Hoarding creates clutter which in turn slows our movement more clutter more confusion less clarity all these are hurdles that block the flow.

Remember for us to share giving and receiving both are crucial and important for the movement of the flow. When we give share meals with family and friends, it gives us joy and pleasure. Sharing meals opens so many venues for us.

Last week I was trying to solve a particularly difficult problem. I spent hours discussing it with my spouse and daughter. In reality, the solution was simple but O was just not getting anywhere with it. I decided to take a break and cook some food for a friend. While dropping the food off I mentioned the problem, and that friend was able to provide me with phenomenal advice.

My aim had been to help out a friend In need. Instead, he was the one who ended up helping me out.

When we share we keep the flow going. We have money sometimes we are stingy and don’t spend it on things we want and by being stingy and hoarding we stop and block the flow.

We can invest and keep what we need but it is important to give help and keep the money in circulation

Remove limiting beliefs

When we listen to our minds, we do get negative feedback, doubts, and fears.

Our brains make judgments based on our past experiences, which can often lead to us having limiting beliefs.

For example, if we’ve had a lot of negative experiences with money, we might start to believe that we’re not good with money and will always struggle financially. This can cause us to procrastinate when it comes to financial tasks because we’re afraid of failing again.

To overcome this type of limiting belief, it’s important to identify the situations and rewards that are causing us to feel this way. We can then replace the negative belief with a more positive one, such as “I am capable of managing my finances successfully” or “I am good with money”. We can also remind ourselves of our successes in this area, even

Remind yourself of how powerful the universe is

Our mind thinks lack, while the source and divine in us are unlimited. Ask yourself “Who am I. Am I the mind or do I have a mind which helps me navigate the world?”

Quote on Abundance

Remind yourself that you are connected to a divine in you which is all giving, all-hearing, all-knowing. It is limitless. When doubt and fear arise, challenge them, and try and understand why and where they are coming from.

Go ahead and trust your inner guidance, and ignore the doubt. Have faith when fear is overtaking you. Mindfully do all this and slowly you will be expanding the limits of your mind.

Remember anything initially you do is difficult but practice makes it easy and better. When we first drive we are so nervous and we are stumbling and making mistakes your instructor is always correcting you. After you finish and start driving it becomes second nature.

This tells you initially it is hard but we are cable and can grow and make a lot of progress

Each one can access this abundance and growth.

There is more than enough for each and every individual. The universe is vast and it is up to us to change the lack mentality to abundance.

Scarcity in our lives occurs because of this lack of mentality. To believe this look around everywhere we see miracles we see trees, lots of stars, sun, moon, insects, animals, mountains, delicious fruits. I can go on and on.

Reflect on all this and feel abundant and believe and change your attitude and your lack mindset to an abundant mindset. You will feel the expansion in your heart and slowly your limits of the mind.


It is clear that embracing an abundance mindset is key to overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving success.

When we focus on the positive things in our lives, instead of the negative, we can open ourselves up to limitless possibilities.

By recognizing that we are all connected to a divine source of unlimited giving and growth, we can trust in our inner guidance and ignore the doubts that come up.

With practice, it becomes easier and easier to tap into this state of abundance and live a life full of happiness and possibility.


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