30 day photo challenge

30 Day Photo Challenge

Are you interested in learning a new skill? The 30 Day photo challenge will help you grow that skill.

I often struggled with my photography skills. To put my skills into practice I decided to try taking a photo of something for the next 30 days.

What is the 30-Day Photo Challenge?

A 30 Day photo challenge is designed to help you improve your photography skills. As part of the photo challenge, you will be taking a photograph with your camera every day for the next 30 days. It can be an image in regards to any subject.

What do I need to participate in the photography challenge?

To participate in the 30-Day photo challenge all you need is a camera and something to take a photo of.

Don’t worry you don’t have to run out to buy a camera. This can simply be your smartphone.

Participants in this Photo Challenge will be able to:

  • Improve their photography skills, creativity, and abilities.
  • Expand their horizons in photography and become more creative in their photographic work.
  • Will become better at understanding which light is best to take pictures.

As part of the 30-day photo challenge

We will provide you with 30 different ideas of things you can take a photo of.

The rules of the 30-day photography challenge

We will provide you with a new theme each week and an idea of images to take for that theme. Use your camera to be as creative as you want and use this challenge as an opportunity to inspire yourself and others.

In case you don’t like the ideas we provide. You are more than welcome to incorporate your own ideas into this challenge. Come up with your own subjects and take any picture you want.

Each time you take a new photo, if possible post it on your Instagram and tag @3odayschallenges using the hashtag 30dayphotochallenge. You can also find a link to our Instagram page on our website.

Tips and Techniques to complete the challenge

  • Take your camera wherever you go, so you can get a collection of better photos.
  • Pick a theme that is fun or challenging.
  • Getting creative and trying different angles can add more excitement to the challenge.
  • Themes such as ‘selfies’, street photography, and your pets should give you an opportunity to get closer and see what you’re photographing from a different perspective.
  • Find interesting people who will let you take a self-portrait of them.
  • You can also try to create a photo story or turn your 30 days into one long panorama.
  • Try editing your photos after you have taken them with different apps.’.
  • Review your photos every day, and try and improve them.
  • Pay attention to details such as the light.
  • Experiment as much as you would like.
  • Ask your friends to join the course with you. The more company the more motivation you will have.

The 30-Day Photo Challenge is not about perfection. It’s about practice and building enthusiasm for taking photos. Keep it fun and enjoy yourself! For more photography tips take a look here.

Different Subjects you can take pictures of during this photography challenge


Practicing Gratitude is a great way to be more positive in your daily life.

Using the photography challenge to practice Gratitude is fun and exciting.

Think and search for things that you are grateful for and capture those in your camera.

This could include

  1. Your smile (A self-portrait of yourself.)
  2. Your pet(s) (A picture of your cat, dog, hamster, or any other pet you have.)
  3. The sun (The pictures can be done outside or inside if you have a window that allows light to come through.)
  4. Your family (Take a family portrait)
  5. A flower (A bouquet of flowers, one single flower or a branch with some flowers on it. Just as long as it is an actual flower.)
  6. The moon (Can be done at night time outside or even very early in the morning during twilight)


Use the photography challenge to capture a picture of anything that gives you hope. Look around you and think about this subject and decide what you can use.

30 Day Photo Challenge - Hope
  1. This can include pictures of kindness, the lives of other people, and resilience.
  2. You can take a photo of the water in many different ways. That might include a river, a waterfall, or even water that is being used for cooking. It’s all up to you and your imagination.


30 Day Photo Challenge - Food

Do you have a favorite food? Why not use that as the theme to capture food. if you are anything like me, taking a picture before I eat is one way to appreciate the hard work that has been put into preparing my meal.

Take pictures from different angles or close-up shots.

The environment

Water - Photo Challenge

We all know how important it is to be aware of and take care of our environment.

When you use the photography challenge as a way to become more aware, not only do we get some great pictures, but we also do something good for our planet.

Feel free as a photographer to take pictures of clouds, flowers, or anything in the environment.


Reflection -Photo Challenge

Reflections can be used in many different ways. They can help to tell a story and add interest to your pictures.

Take pictures of yourself and use the reflection of a mirror or window. If you don’t have one nearby, simply take advantage of any object that has a surface that reflects light.

Keep it simple and allow yourself time between shots so that you can ensure the best quality.

You can also play with reflections by using water or glass.

Note: You will need to think creatively.

Other 30 Day Photo Prompts

Week 1: Clothing

Clothing  - 30 Day Photo Challenge

Be creative with clothing. You can take pictures of your shoes, jewelry, or even the dress that you are wearing at the time. This photo challenge is all about having fun and encouraging you to explore different aspects of photography.

Day 1: A selfie of you dressed up.

Day 2: Your shoes.

Day 3: Your Jewellery.

Day 4: Clothes of other people.

Day 5: Your dream outfit.

Day 6: Anything fancy in your closet.

Day 7: Think of something unique.

Week 2: Nature

Nature - 30 day photo challenge

Many of us may feel disconnected from nature in our day-to-day lives. Using this photo challenge is a great way to connect with the environment and encourage yourself to become more aware of your surroundings. Use your camera to take become a better photographer

Day 8: Clouds.

Day 9: Lights.

Day 10: Flowers.

Day 11: Sunset.

Day 12: Anything from a birds-eye view.

Day 13: Birds.

Day 14: Anything Green.

Week 3: Patterns


We are surrounded by patterns in our daily lives.

There is no better way to encourage mindfulness than looking for patterns in the things that we do every day.

Day 15: Anything Black and White.

Day 16: The pattern of a tree or plants in a forest setting.

Day 17: Leaves on the ground after they have fallen off of a tree.

Day 18: A pattern that you create yourself out of materials like wood, thread, or string.

Day 19: Anything that is symmetrical.

Day 20: The pattern of your clothing.

Day 21: Patter of the sky.

Week 4: Water

Water - 30 Day Photo Challenge

There are many different ways to capture the beauty of the water around us. You can go with something simple like finding a puddle and choosing to photograph the way it reflects light.

Day 22: Water in a bottle

Day 23: A reflection of the sky in the water.

Day 24: Light coming through a window and reflecting off the water (Try finding a waterfall and following this photo challenge strictly to capture the beauty)

Day 25: Anything wavy like waves or the surface of the water on a lake.

Day 26: Water coming out of a tap or shower.

Day 27: Anything blue and underwater related.

Week 5: Resilience

Do you know somebody who is strong and always seems to be able to overcome challenges that they face?  They may be showing resilience, which means that they are able to adjust to a new environment or trying times.

Day 28: Someone who is resilient.

Day 29: A place where you have been able to overcome challenges in the past.

Day 30: Anyone who has shown resilience throughout your life and why you chose them.

What the 30 Day photo Challenge will teach you

It’s been 30 days since the photo challenge and you’ve seen it all.  You have taken pictures of reflections, patterns in nature, water scenes, your own reflection, or someone else who is strong and resilient.  In just a month’s time, you’ll be able to look back on this journey as an experience that was transformative for both your photography skills and your connection to the world around you.

You may find that you want to keep going with this challenge or that you’re inspired to start your own.  Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun and enjoy the process!

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