List of Limiting Beliefs about money

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It seems like everyone you meet these days has big plans to “be successful” one day. We say we want to do something great or make enormous changes in our lives, but find it hard to do so. In other words, it’s almost as if these people have no idea that the biggest thing preventing them from living lives beyond their wildest imaginations is simply a change in thinking.

In truth, our thoughts control everything we do and experience in life. That being said, it should come as no surprise that one of the secrets to success is a positive mindset. Specifically, a lack of negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs about money can play a large role in determining how successful someone will become at earning more money and making smart financial decisions.

My Love-Hate Relationship with money

For the longest time, I had a love-hate relationship with money. I’m from an accountant family, so I grew up knowing the importance of money. I always tried to save my money, because that’s what I was taught.

And while this was an important skill in life, it also led me to believe that money was limited and scarce. That you needed to protect it and hoard it as much as possible.

Despite being reasonably well off, I kept holding on to my limiting beliefs about money. I was always scared about being poor, and about losing my money.

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How I changed my limiting beliefs about money

Changing my beliefs about money was hard. In fact, it’s something I still struggle with sometimes.

I had to actively work to act against some of the things that I had believed so long. Here are some of the things that I did which helped me change my limiting beliefs about money.

  • Quit my job, and moved to another country without having another job.
  • Stopped looking at my bank account and at my stocks every day.
  • Stopped talking about money all the time – both negative and positive.
  • Became a SAHM, even though I had defined myself by how much money I had made for a really long time.

The biggest thing I did which helped me get over my limiting beliefs about money was I invested in my startup business, even though I knew there was a possibility I would fail. It was a huge risk, but by this point, I had realized that money was just a tool and that it should be used that way, instead of being stored in the bank.

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How you can change your limiting beliefs about money

Step 1 – Identify what your limiting beliefs about money are

Below you will find a long list of limiting beliefs that people generally have about money. Go through the list carefully, and identify the ones that relate to you.

Once you’ve identified all your limiting beliefs about money, select the top 5 which you feel most strongly about. You will eventually deal with all the ones you selected, but it’s important to first target the ones which impact your life the most.

Step 2 – Try and understand what underlies these beliefs

These limiting beliefs were quite possibly created in your childhood. They may have been passed on by your parents, or they may have been a result of negative experiences you had about money.

Write down all the experiences you have had which may have contributed to creating these beliefs. Write down the experience as you saw it. Write not don’t worry about whether or not your belief is true.

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Step 3 – Question whether these beliefs are true

Next, you will try and write down the opposite arguments for why each of these beliefs may not be true. Try and think of examples of people who have had experiences that contradict your limiting beliefs about money.

So if your limiting belief is that you’ll always be poor, think of logical reasons why that may not be the case. Such as how so many poor people manage to make money, despite not having a college education.

Step 4 – Actively notice when these thoughts arise

Remember your limiting beliefs are ingrained in your brain. Even if you momentarily prove to yourself that these limiting beliefs are not true, it will take a lot more work to permanently convince yourself that these limiting beliefs are not true.

That’s why you will need to pay attention to your thoughts and notice when you are having these negative thoughts. Each time you experience a limiting belief, simply remind yourself that your thoughts do not always accurately reflect reality.

List of limiting beliefs about money

The following list of limiting beliefs about money is designed to help you identify which limiting beliefs you have. Go through the list, and select the ones that apply to you.

List of limiting beliefs about money

List of limiting beliefs about it being hard to earn money

  1. Money is not an infinite resource. Even if you make a lot of money now, there will come a time when you can’t earn as much anymore because of age or other factors.
  2. You should spend time doing enjoyable things for no financial compensation before trying to earn an income from doing what you love.
  3. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It
  4. Finding a job that pays well takes a long time. Even if you find a job that seems great at first, it will take a long time until you can earn enough money from it to live comfortably.
  5. The more famous or well-connected you are, the better your chances of finding success in life. You need to know the right people in order to get ahead in life.
  6. If you don’t use someone’s advice they give you, there was no point giving it . If somebody gives you advice and then doesn’t see how it plays out in real life, then what was the point of even saying anything?
  7. There aren’t enough opportunities to earn lots of money. You can never make a lot of money from traditional jobs because there aren’t enough hours in the day to work more than one job, and most employers won’t pay you any more money per hour for doing that.
  8. You’re either born knowing how to make money or you have to struggle with it your entire life. There’s no middle ground—you either have an innate understanding of how to handle your finances or you don’t.
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List of limiting beliefs about money being bad

  1. Money is the root of all evil
  2. Rich people are greedy and selfish.
  3. The only way to make a lot of money is to take it from somebody else by using unethical practices
  4. People who care about money don’t have much else going on in their lives
  5. It’s difficult to make a lot of money without sacrificing your integrity.
  6. Rich people are snobs or arrogant.

List of limiting beliefs about money bringing you happiness

  1. Making money means that you are successful.
  2. Rich people are happier than poor people.
  3. Rich people are better than poor people.
  4. How rich you define your worth.
  5. Poor people are lazy or unworthy.
  6. The more money you make, the more hardworking you are.
  7. You are better off than people who are poorer than you.
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List of limiting beliefs when you start to earn more money

  1. You were smarter than other people, that’s why you made more money.
  2. The money you have earned defines who you are as a person.
  3. If you lose the money, you will not be happy.
  4. Now that you have earned more money, you are better then you were before.

List of limiting beliefs about when you start to lose money

  1. You’re going to lose everything and become bankrupt
  2. You are unworthy because you lost money
  3. You have not been successful in life.
  4. People will love you less and think less of you.

Beliefs you should have about money

It is important to realize that money is not good or bad. And that it comes and goes. It is simply a tool that allows us to live the kind of life that we want. How much money you have does not have anything to do with who you are as a person.

There are rich people who are evil, and there are poor people who are evil. There are hardworking people who are rich, and there are hardworking people who are poor. Money does not define you.

It is also important to realize that it is possible to make money, no matter where you are in life. You may be at a point where you are bankrupt and have lost everything, and you will still be able to make it all back.

And there may be a point where you have all the money in the world, and you lose it. And worrying about both options is completely pointless and moot. 

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