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Things to do for valentines day

The holiday of love is quickly approaching and it’s time to get ready! From dining in the park to stargazing, there are so many romantic things you can do with your special someone for valentines day. Here are things to do for valentines day 2022.

DIY- Handmade gift for your partner

valentines day hand made card

One of my favorite things to do for valentines day is making a handmade gift or card for my partner. I love being creative and making something with my own two hands.

You can make your own handmade card. You can illustrate how you feel about them in that. Or just write a simple letter.

This is a fun and cheap way to make this day special for the two of you.

What’s even better is seeing the smile on your significant others’ faces when they see what you made for them!


Do you like stargazing? why not do it with your special someone to make this valentines day extra special. With clear skies and no light pollution, you can see the whole galaxy. You can start this activity together because it’s romantic too!

Cook a romantic dinner for two

Things to do valentines day -COoking

If your partner loves to eat, why not cook a romantic dinner for the two of you? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; pasta and salad are enough.

Light some candles and put some music on. The more effort you make into cooking this meal, the more they’ll like this valentines day idea!

Watch a movie together

What’s the most classic thing to do on a date? Watch a movie. You can rent or buy some movies from Red Box, make dinner and watch a movie at home, or go to the movies!

Sometimes going to an actual theater can be expensive, so why not invite your partner over for some cheap popcorn and a movie night in.

Have a dance night at home

Couple dancing this valentines

Put on some music and dance the night away! You can invite friends or just do it as a couple.

Maybe you can learn some new moves and show your partner how talented you are.

Or maybe they’d rather sit back, relax and watch you move gracefully across the dance floor? Either way, this is one of those romantic things to do for valentines day 2022.

Go on a picnic

Depending on which part of the world you live in, Grab some blankets and food and go out into nature. You can lie down, eat the delicious food you packed, look up at the stars that are just barely visible through all of the city lights, and talk with your partner.

Picnics are so romantic; you don’t even need to do anything else.

Just the act of eating with your partner in nature is enough to make this one of those great romantic things to do for valentines day.

Trek through the forest

Head into nature and go on a hike together! You can marvel at all of nature’s beauty, the tall trees, and the animals that live in nature.

If you’re into it, take your phones or cameras and capture some amazing photos of this adventure.

Watching the sunset/rise together

What better way to end your day than watching the sunset or rise? Go on an adventure to a place where you can see the sunset, and eat dinner or have a picnic.

When it starts to get dark, find a nice spot and watch as the sky goes from orange to pink to purple. It’s especially beautiful in the winter when snow is on the ground nearby.

Spa together!

Grab some scented oils or bubble bath and head into the bathroom. Fill up the tub, light some candles, put on relaxing music, and soak in the bubbles your partner made for you.

This is another classic romantic thing to do for valentines day.

Go out for ice cream

Nothing says romance like snuggling up with your special someone while you eat something cold and sweet!

You can go to the local ice cream shop or just buy some ice cream at the store. Either way works, and this is one of those

Just stay in and cuddle

grayscale photo of man and woman facing each other and lying on grass

Why spend lots of money on a night out when you can spend it on buying some nice food, turning off all of the lights, putting on a romantic movie or playlist, and snuggling?

Cuddling is one of those things that can never go wrong and is one of the best things to do for valentines day.

Final words

So there you have it, our list of things to do for valentines day. We hope that at least one of these ideas strikes your fancy and helps make this year’s valentines day celebration special. Whether you’re spending time with your partner or friends, we wish you all a very happy valentines day!

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