How to raise your vibration

What Vibrations Are

The law of vibration states everything (atom, molecule, object, and individual) has vibrations. Objects may look solid, but they are all vibrating at their own frequency. Frequency is the speed at which everything vibrates.

Everything in this world is made up of energy which is vibrating at its own frequency. Our minds are producing thoughts that are also vibrating at their own frequencies. We experience different emotions, and these emotions also have their own frequency.

Love, gratitude, forgiveness, and joy all have a higher frequency.

Practice this right now: Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and think of someone you love a lot. Do this for 1 minute before reading on.

How did it make you feel? Could you feel the love and the positivity in your heart? Did you feel connected to the person you love?

Love takes us to a loving place, a feel-good place.  Love has a higher frequency because it connects us to our hearts where happiness and joy reside.

When our emotions are in this higher frequency, we begin to feel light and peace. We feel so good that we begin sending vibes of love to the person that we are feeling love for.

This high vibration feeling sent in the universe attracts and resonates with the same vibration. We now receive the same vibrational reaction manifesting goodness in our life. And it is in this high vibrational state that miracles start to happen, and manifestation takes place.

Low-frequency emotions

Emotions like guilt fear, jealousy, envy, and anger have a low frequency which takes us to a low vibrational state. We feel heavy in this state and with these emotions because their low vibrations hinder us from moving forward. This low vibration creates negative vibes, and they attract their own negative frequencies.

Our past can impact our vibrations

Oftentimes we feel down because we are triggered by our pasts. When something negative happens in our lives, we are unable to process it. our emotions become patterns of trapped energy within our bodies.

Some event that happens in our present, can therefore trigger the memory from the past. This can activate the negative energy which is trapped in your body.

For instance, if somebody throws a party and you are not invited, you may feel sad even if thought the event doesn’t really matter to you. The reason is that it triggered an old memory where you were not invited to an event that you badly wanted to go to.

How to increase your vibrations

Let’s begin by noticing what emotions you are feeling right now. Are you sad or happy? If your emotions are making you feel sad then you are in a low vibrational state.

That’s okay because you can change your vibrations simply by changing your thoughts.

Here are some ways you can increase your vibrations :

By releasing trapped low feeling energy.

When we feel a negative emotion, we often resist and try to avoid the negative feeling and we push it back. Resisting and avoiding the feeling only serves to trap the energy in our bodies.

This trapped energy then attempts to come back up each time we are triggered. The trigger could be anything that reminds us of the original event where we felt the negative emotion.

The trick is to not push the negative emotion back and to not avoid it. Instead, we need to allow the feeling to pass through us. When this feeling of sadness, and the energy it has, is passing through us, it will feel uncomfortable and it will hurt.

It may be hard to deal with these emotions but it is important to feel them and sit with them till they are released. It might even take a day or 2 for us to fully process the emotion depending on how strong the emotion is. Or depending on how deeply we have pushed it down. So sit with this uncomfortable feeling and just be with it.

You will see if you feel it sit with it and let that energy pass by without resisting it, you will release the energy, and will your body will begin to feel lighter.

If you are suppressing your feeling and not sitting with it, then what you are doing is trapping the energies and inevitably someday it will come out with full force.

Observe and challenge your negative beliefs

Sometimes it is our negative beliefs and not reality that pull us down.

It is therefore important to look at and question what you believe and think. Are you feeling not loved and not included just because you were not invited to that party?

Ask yourself, is this true? That not being invited somewhere means that you are unlikeable, or not loved?

Begin by observing the thoughts that you have, and then slowly challenge them.

Does not being invited to one party really mean that you are not liked, or that you are boring? Does it mean you will never be invited to a party, or that your happiness is attached to those people?

More importantly, try to think of facts that prove that your thoughts are not true. Think about a time when you were invited to a party. Or think about people who enjoy spending time with you. Those prove that your original thoughts that made you feel unloved are not actually true.

Asking yourself these questions will give you answers that happiness does not depend on anyone else, but your happiness comes from you. You will start to understand there are deeper issues you need to resolve within you. You will begin to realize how many false beliefs you carry. Fortunately, these false and limiting beliefs can be replaced and challenged.

Love and forgive yourself

woman wearing beige blouse

 Loving and forgiving yourself will make you feel secure. love is an emotion that is present in you. The divine in you is all-loving.

Say to yourself, “I love myself and I am lovable. It’s ok to feel what I am feeling.” Keep repeating these thoughts “I am lovable, and I love myself.”

Love energy has a higher vibration, and it will start making you feel better Send love to yourself and to other people as well.

You are tapping into love energy while trying to feel love for yourself and others. And this will help raise your vibration Also try thinking of times you enjoyed yourself, with your friends and family. Times where you felt energized, and happy.

Visualize those moments of joy. visualizations of good times in your past will bring back happy joyful memories. We are always re-living memories where we failed and did not succeed, so it is important to balance that out by visualizing good memories where you are feeling happy.

Positive thought replacement

Positive thought replacement is one way for you to get rid of limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and the world around you.

Think of a negative thought you have had previously like ” I can’t solve this problem.”

What happens to your psyche when you have such a thought is that you perceive the problem to be bigger than it actually is.  Instead of looking for solutions, your mind begins to look for difficulties in this problem.

Now the problem is getting harder to solve and you start avoiding things that are difficult. The result is you will leave it for another day, and you procrastinate.

Now let’s put a positive perspective on the thought. “this problem can be solved “there must be some solution to this. I just need to keep trying.”

Now what does your mind do, it starts looking and examines it in a different mode and is already at work without hindrance trying to solve the problem. It is looking with a positive mindset and therefore trying various ways to solve the problem

What this means

The conclusion is negative thoughts hinder and stop you from going forward while a positive mindset will empower you to help you progress. When we take a task, and somebody points to us that we are not doing it well what does it do to us?

We get discouraged therefore for the task to be performed, we must change our thinking. Instead of thinking “I am bad at this” replace it with “I am new at this task and in the beginning, everybody falters. As soon as I get the hang of it, I will improve.”

So, catch yourself when thinking negative and right away change it to be positive. By doing this your mind will get the practice of changing negative remarks to positive remarks.

Mindful living

mindful living

Living mindfully means sensing and being aware of what you are feeling in the moment without any judgment.

Live mindfully by slowing down, enjoying your mealtime at lunch break, enjoying your meal, savoring each bite, chewing properly, and enjoying the flavor of each bite.

Observe how you are feeling, seeing, and thinking. Go for a walk and mindfully enjoy your surrounding and be present

This will create a connection to yourself which will make you love and appreciate what you do. This will also stop you from living in the past

We all get anxious from time to time, and our minds begin to think thoughts that make us tense and cause our bodies to tighten.

This is an indication that it is time to stop what we’re doing and start focusing on what is happening to our bodies.

When our vibrations are low there is tightness in the body due to tension, which can be released by bringing attention to your breath.

Start by breathing in and out, and observing your breath. When your mind starts to wander bring back your attention to your breath, this practice will help your mind to slow down and release your tension by bringing you to the present moment.


The conscious mind is said to be the thinking mind and the subconscious mind takes in whatever you feed it. We, therefore, need to plant positive thoughts in our subconscious minds.

In childhood, when our brains were very malleable our subconscious mind began to take in things from our environment, without realizing it.

That is why we all have negative tapes which keep playing in our subconscious that need to be replaced. We carry a lot of hurt feelings, insecurities, and negativity within our subconscious.

To increase our vibration levels we need to release these negative thoughts from our minds.

We can do this by affirmations, which are positive statements we need to repeat to plant the thought in our subconscious mind.

You can begin by writing these positive statements or repeating them to yourself. When you start writing or repeating them your mind will initially reject them as you may not believe in some of them.

Here is a process you can say to help instill the affirmations in your mind.

  1. Tell yourself “I am loved, or I am lovable.”
  2. Now go to a past memory where you felt love and lovable. When your mind validates your statement, it will be easy for you to do and believe in your affirmations.
  3. Repeat these affirmations daily. This will help you to get to a different and more positive mindset which in time will bear results.


Living in high vibration does wonder for opens new paths, new ways of seeing and approaching things.

“If you want to find the secret of the universe think in terms of energy, think in terms of frequency and vibration” Nikolai Tesla

Live gratefully be loving and kind to yourself, forgive yourself and others, connect with nature, connect to your heart all this will increase your vibration.

Incorporate play, connect to yourself and people, do things that make you feel good to create higher vibrations. Start watching your thoughts and incorporate all the above practices to live in a better and new world of happiness.

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