How to manifest someone to text you

How to manifest someone to text you

It can be frustrating when someone you’ve been texting doesn’t text you when you are expecting it. You might feel like they’re not interested in you, or that you did something wrong. It’s easy to start wondering what you said wrong, or if there’s something wrong with you. The emotional turmoil can feel so strong that all you want is for the person to finally just text you.

If you’re in this situation then you may be wondering how to manifest them to text you! In fact, this is a much more commonly asked question than you might think. That’s why we have prepared a manifestation guide with step-by-step directions on how to manifest this!

What is manifestation

Manifestation is based on the belief that everything in this world is connected to one another. Like everything that surrounds us, we are made up of energy. Similarly, our thoughts also consist of vibrational energy. This means that the energy of our thoughts and emotions can influence the energy that they interact with.

Manifestation is the act of using your thoughts, emotions, and actions to create your reality. It’s the process of bringing your desires into existence. When you manifest something, you are putting it out there into the Universe and asking for it to come into your life.

One of the most popular manifestation techniques is based on the law of attraction. This law states that like attracts like. In other words, you attract into your life what you focus on.

Does manifestation work?

Yes, manifestation works! We see it all the time around us. Even famous people like Oprah have publicly come out and stated that they created their fabulous lives by manifesting their goals and desires and believing in them.

I have personally experienced how effective manifestation can be if you just believe. The secret to successful manifestation is in genuinely believing that what you manifest will occur. So if you believe that manifestation will make the person text you, then it absolutely will.

Can Manifestation influence others?

Manifestation can not force someone to do something that they don’t want to. So if you are trying to manifest someone to text you, but they really don’t want to then no, it will not work.

However, there are so many other reasons why the person may not be texting you. They may be busy, or they may have forgotten to reply. Or they may simply not know what or how to reply. Some people are actually just terrible with texts, and therefore they take longer to reply than others. In situations like these, sending out positive vibes, and using the law of attraction can absolutely work to get them to text you.

And anyway if they really don’t want to text you, wouldn’t you rather find out now?

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How to manifest someone to text you

Manifesting someone to text you requires that you connect with the universe, and use the vibrational energy of your thoughts and emotions to create positivity in your life. The higher the vibration of your thoughts and emotions, the more likely it is that they will connect with the quantum universe, and create the reality that you desire. This will increase the chances of the stars aligning so that a situation arises in which the other person will feel motivated to text you.

If they have forgotten to text you, then they are more likely to receive a reminder to reply to you. If they are unsure what to say, then they may receive inspiration for ideas on what to text you. And if they were simply busy, then they will finally get the time to reply.

Steps to manifest someone to text you

Step 1 – Be clear on what you want

How to Manifest someone to text you - Goal Setting

Your immediate need is probably already clear to you. You want the other person to text you as soon as possible. But in all probability, this immediate need lies a much deeper need or desire that is not being met. Take some time to think about what really lies at the base of your desire for the person to text you. Why is this so important to you? How does it impact your long-term goals?

It’s always important to be clear on both your short-term goals and long-term goals before you manifest. The more clear you are on what you want, the easier it will be to visualize it and send out the right energy in the universe. Ideally, you should take 5 minutes to journal about what exactly you want, and then right down both your short-term and long-term goals on a piece of paper.

Example of what your goals will look like

Short-term goals: Get XYZ to text me asking me out on a date.

Long-term goals: Find I want a relationship with someone who values me, enjoys talking to me, and whom I can rely on.

Step 2: Raise your vibration

Raising your vibration is an essential step to manifestation. Positive emotions have higher vibrations, while negative emotions have lower vibrations. To raise your vibration, first clear out your negative vibrations by clearing your mind through a simple 5-minute meditation.

Once you have cleared your mind of negative emotions, raise your vibrations by thinking about positive things. The best way to do this is to think of 3 things you are grateful for, and really focus on how those things make you feel.

Step 3: Connect with the universe

Connect with Universe - How to manifest someone to text you

Once you are clear on what exactly it is you want it is time to connect with the universe

There are many ways to connect with the universe. The most effective way is to meditate. Meditation allows you to clear your mind and focus your thoughts. This can help you to better connect with your innermost desires and intentions. It clears away all your other thoughts and emotions and allows you to be one with the universe.

Simply close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale slowly. Feel the air fill your lungs, and then empty them out again. As you focus on your breath, allow all other thoughts to fade away. If a thought comes into your mind, simply let it go and return your focus to your breath. Keep doing this until you feel calm and at peace. Now imagine that you are connecting with a higher power. That you are part of something bigger than yourself. You can imagine the beauty of the mountains, and seas, or feel awe about the vastness of the universe.

Step 4: Visualize what you want

Now that you are clear on what you want and have connected with the universe, it is time to visualize what you want. The better you can visualize your goal, the better chance you have of manifesting it into reality. Imagine sitting down, and receiving a text. you pick up your phone, and it is a text from the other person. What does the text say? How does it make you feel?

If possible take a minute to ask the universe to create this reality for you. Ask the universe for the person to text you so that you stop worrying or feeling anxious. Ask for exactly what you want. Now ask for the long-term goal that you had outlined above in step 1.

Spend between 5 minutes to 20 minutes on this step. Just being one with the universe, and asking for what you want.

Step 5: Letting go

An important part of manifestation is genuinely believing that what you are asking for will happen, while at the same time letting go of limiting beliefs. That’s why once you have asked the universe for what you want, you have to have faith that it will happen.

It is normal to have doubts about whether or not this will work. What is important is that each time you have a negative thought about whether or not the person will text you, you replace the negative thought with a positive thought.

In fact, ideally, you should have so much faith in the universe that you should completely stop thinking about the text. You have done your part, now have faith that the universe will take care of the rest. Stop thinking about the text completely. Remember “A watched pot never boils.” Go do something which will distract you completely from the text.

Specific manifestation methods

The 369 Method

You can use the 369 methods to manifest your goals as well. This involves writing down exactly what you want 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times before going to sleep. So in your case, you would write down something like “Nick has replied to my text.” or “I am happy to be in a loving relationship with a responsive partner.”

The pillow method

This is a method where you write down your manifestation on a piece of paper and then put it under your pillow. As you sleep the universe will work on making your manifestation come true. You could write down both your short-term and long-term goals on a piece of paper.

Short-term goals: “Nick replies to my text in a positive way.”

Long-term goals: “I am in a relationship with someone who values me, enjoys talking to me, and whom I can rely on.

Positive Affirmations

Another way to manifest your goals is to recite positive affirmations. Again the goals would be similar to the ones in the above manifestation methods. The only difference would be that you would recite them out loud instead of just writing them down in your journal

What if the person still doesn’t text?

You may sound out your manifestation for the person to text you, and can potentially not receive a reply for days. There are many possible reasons for this. Perhaps it was because you were unable to successfully connect with the universe. If this was the case, then simply try again. You may consider joining our 30-day manifestation challenge to help you improve your manifestation as well.

Alternatively, the reason may simply be because the universe knows better than you do, and your positive vibrational energy created a reality that was infinitely better than that of the person texting you. Perhaps that person texting you wasn’t actually good for you. You just need to have faith!

Trust the universe

Once you have manifested your goal, it is imperative that you let go and trust the universe. Remember it is not your job to make the manifestation come true, it is the universe’s job. All you have to do is be clear about what you want and have faith that it will happen.

If you start to doubt whether or not your manifestation will come true, then you are only hindering the universe’s ability to bring it into reality. So have faith, and let go. The universe will take care of the rest.

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